Stewie NOT Griffin


I am NOT Stewie (Parody account for Stewie ~ Not in any way affiliated with Stewiel) This is just role play! Advertising:

this is me! ( delilah ) commmmentt ?! (:

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1892 days ago

this is me! ( delilah ) commmmentt ?! (:


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Cristalaria_1D 1646 days ago

love ur eyes how did you do that to your eyelashes?? i wanna try it

bastaardakp 1664 days ago

<3 <3 <3

DopeAsJasmineV 1758 days ago


caseyannmahone 1836 days ago

i would KILL to be u :) your sooooo pretty.

SuperBelieberMH 1867 days ago

You're so beautiful! and I like your eyelashes:)

amandasouzaluz 1871 days ago


madeleine_n143 1871 days ago

you're pretty ;)

youmeatmollie 1871 days ago

your so pretty :)

DoraBieberGirl 1871 days ago

Beautiful! :)

BiebsFinest 1871 days ago

i like ur eyes they r soo coool!!lolz folow me?

Pinar_BeLieber 1871 days ago

you're very sweet..:)

Drey_Gleek 1871 days ago

Wow ! gorgeous :O:P

BiebsHam 1871 days ago

Your soo pretty :D i like your shirt btw :P

Purple_Swaaag 1871 days ago

Your so pretty! im so jelly! <33

ILoveuJBieb665 1871 days ago

Your so pretty ! : )

iiHearttBieberr 1889 days ago

You remind me of Jane from Degrassi. You are SO pretty.

Joel13th_ 1892 days ago

wow! 2 words ... speech less! :O

xobeccabooo 1892 days ago

Wow you are soo pretty. Im jealous hah! I love your eyes how do you get your eyelashes so long?

iBeliebInSwiftx 1892 days ago

i love your hair! :)

ohyesgomez 1892 days ago