Rumer Willis


we are a way for the cosmos to know itself

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1913 days ago


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Dollzi 1358 days ago

CaitFreakinRoee 1847 days ago


vlealwurtz 1852 days ago

I love her!

curlzchavez 1855 days ago

She looks like she's smiling!! Too cute

Pink_Ducati 1858 days ago

oh how cute! My little girl keeps bugging us for one. Dad is not so sure, lol :)

ozzydog316 1878 days ago

How can you not love that face..I have 4 little is good with them around...

milky_wayyy 1880 days ago

aaaaaw she is so beautiful :)) she has intelligent look! I´ve 5 belgian shepards ;))

Kace64 1882 days ago

Hope u don't take her 2 Hailey. Some of those critters up there roaming around would have her 4 an appetizer. BE SAFE W/ UR BABY. She's 2 cute!

nico_wienders 1883 days ago

All these dogs are so ugly and useless.

classycalicat 1883 days ago

Awww Rumer... your huahua is soo cute. Was telling yr Mom -We have 8 of these little fur people! We Love our huahua's!

LadyMariann 1883 days ago

I have a dog of my own. 13 years old Terrier mixed. Saved him from the Pound 12 years ago. Take care of your Pup. She'll love U 4 it. ;-)

GrapeFreezy 1883 days ago

harlow is super adorable!! her eyes are gorgeous.. her name is nice too and it suits her!

AlxandraPaola 1886 days ago

aaw! how cute...

fenixGal 1887 days ago

cute but i love big dogs!

onesmileybug 1888 days ago

TOO CUTE , Rumer... they are THE BEST DOGS in the WORLD!! We have a 9 month old minature long hair chihuahua. You can see her and my 7 year old triplets by clicking on my site. THEY ADORE HER AS WELL!

QueenSapphyre 1892 days ago

Such a beautiful baby! Awwwwwww

EMBlair 1892 days ago

she is SOOOOOOOOO freakin cute! Look at those eyes....

superbarb 1894 days ago

so cute- looks just like my dog scrappy- he gets away with murder cause he looks so sweet

americ9597 1895 days ago

Awww! I'm away from home almost a month, & I miss my pup soo much. She IS sweet.

steffieheadley 1896 days ago