Rumer Willis


we are a way for the cosmos to know itself

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2850 days ago


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AdelysFT 2329 days ago


JullyM 2504 days ago

SHE's SOoooo Cute !!! ;-) Lucky girl Rumer !!!

toxicxxdollie 2726 days ago

im not a huge fan of little dogs...i like the big dopey ones...but this dog is cute in that little im going to bite your kankles kinda way.

juliaselina 2788 days ago

The little one is sweet...

kelinani 2789 days ago

Absolutely adorable!

bringinglight 2789 days ago

We have four! My dad's not too happy about the situation but he loves them anyway. :)

Vanilla232 2790 days ago

OH! Looks just like my cashew... my other one is black and tan... such intelligent and sweet dogs ♥

LisaFurtado 2794 days ago

Aw, that looks like my Doberman Sepata's little sister. SUPER KUAI!!XO

ChasingStorms 2801 days ago

wow she's got awesome eyes! my chi is black tan. btw don't make her wear clothes, that's creepy ;)

eah0901 2802 days ago

Tooo Cute

cowardlylion59 2803 days ago

What a cutie!! our is a boy and name is Taco. Fisty little bugger
aren't they?

zumin 2813 days ago

My pup looks just like yours aww... so adorable

astraananda 2816 days ago

She is so cute! :)

dawndream1990 2816 days ago

she is beautiful. My pup is half taco bell dog and half poodle.

1egghead 2820 days ago

can't wait to see her designer wardrobe !!

classycalicat 2820 days ago

such a sweetie!

jolene1983sers 2821 days ago

aw real cute is this ur only pet? ive a husky n a dachshund want lots more tho!

AlxandraPaola 2823 days ago

she looks so adorable!

jbird520 2826 days ago

Love your new pup Roo. Are you having fun being a "mom"? I hope she gets to meet Toby and Pita sometime soon. xoxox jenjen

mandyjflynn 2827 days ago

omg rumer ur pup is solo cute your making me want a new one x Mandy , Dublin , Ireland