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The traveling Warlock
fitness package.
DO NOT try this at home 

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2037 days ago

The traveling Warlock
fitness package.
DO NOT try this at home



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RosalieHosslir 2011 days ago

This is cool, more at

twiggynator 2018 days ago

what's the machete for? =)

KeezingPenguin 2021 days ago

Yep, looks about the same as mine.

littlesarahtate 2025 days ago

that little red bag is in fact a zippo lighter..

itsjbunnybitch 2026 days ago

the blow is right in that little red bag ...& is an idiot for puttin it in this pic.

felipecazari 2028 days ago


JosephRobeRT326 2028 days ago

Where's the shake, wait thats for men

jlf_420 2029 days ago

where is the blow ?

abuzzing1 2029 days ago

Tigerblood, of course

hurl771 2029 days ago


JosephRobeRT326 2029 days ago

Now i c why emilio changed his last name and your father wont speak w/ u

VindowsXP 2029 days ago

Anal stretching equipment. When he's done stretching he inserts his head.

816sunny 2029 days ago


WayTooFresh 2029 days ago

what is the red bottle for?

larrich 2029 days ago

Now that is an interesting mix of objects. When used correctly a person could take over the world with them.

WinterTwWolf 2029 days ago

The machete must be for shaving.

BryckHaus 2030 days ago

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Lucky_Star_86 2031 days ago

Ooo yummy, me likey, me wanty :-D

andresachris 2032 days ago

esses objetos ta parecendo coisas de putaria e eu sei que vc e bem safadinho,quero ti dar gostoso.

darkmickeyster 2032 days ago