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A little pre show to ll cool j

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2851 days ago

A little pre show to ll cool j


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i_lv_jason_mraz 2714 days ago


juliefade 2729 days ago

thanks great

francovv26 2729 days ago

COME TO PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LinnyAndrade 2740 days ago


LuciaMesuro 2760 days ago


jazzmusicgirl 2774 days ago

that's supposed to be a very good workout! :)

yoimchristine 2774 days ago

no comment.

crazymoneypenny 2777 days ago

are you hoola hooping mr. mraz?

Shamaryd 2777 days ago

ula ula. :P

ManueFF 2792 days ago


TihaniBatrisyia 2798 days ago

hahaha i wish someone had record it in a video haha!:)

Lbton 2799 days ago

i love all your shirts xD

joborboleta 2801 days ago


Churlay 2801 days ago

i love hula hupp too

prycromeyer 2802 days ago


RandersHere 2802 days ago


wannatry 2805 days ago

imagine..if he's not a famous singer and I met him on the street somewhere..I would probably feel da same: thinking this guy is cute and pretty sure I would wanna talk to him and that is least..:D

fabiolahopeful 2806 days ago

u do magik with ur hands

libsybitsy 2819 days ago

i love you jason mraz! i will be extremely happy if you follow me and just say hello. too bad your cafe gratitude tour did not reach indonesia. :(

reabruni 2819 days ago

please follow me jason? i love your job, and your songs. wow, they're awesome! thanks, and please, make me happy, follow me, just to say hello maybe.