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1920 days ago


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ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 1887 days ago

Emilio what is their names? ;)

Evuszka 1889 days ago

I remember in an interview you were telling about how the Luo Diamond Phillips and Kiefer Sutherland bought you a cow ... looking at these beautiful chickens reminded me this;))

ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 1889 days ago

everybody is somebody

Evuszka 1890 days ago


alfredsprincess 1892 days ago

As my son would say "mmmmmmmmmmmm chicken"

Lorie_Acosta 1916 days ago

Oh to just have fresh eggs right now is divine ! I remember my great grandma had chickens and it was wonderful.

MNPhotoGirl 1917 days ago

My Grandfather farmed in MN not Key West just to clarify things :)

MNPhotoGirl 1917 days ago

Cool- these chicken made me remember of my Grapa's Farm & Key West- There were chickens every where.

AlexRodriguezXx 1919 days ago

I don't like my chickens alive, I like em dead and deep fried. You ever hear of Popeyes??

emeraldice12 1920 days ago

Hummm..they look very healthy. I especially like the black & white!

SarahFrenzel79 1920 days ago

I've always been so afraid of chickens :/ Traumatized as a kid. lol

dislp38 1920 days ago

nice looking roosters