Kathy Griffin


Two-time Emmy award and Grammy award-winning comedian. Coming to a city near YOU! For ticket info and to purchase tickets, click on the link above.

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Kath-eters! Can't tell u what this is about yet, but u can c I'm up 2 no good:)...

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1272 days ago

Kath-eters! Can't tell u what this is about yet, but u can c I'm up 2 no good:)...


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DesertFan 1260 days ago

Look out, UK! She's coming

jeremyJB 1267 days ago

I also would like to know how to get that body...

SagDec15 1267 days ago

Wow, hotter and hotter

season4dreaming 1267 days ago

Yay to the UK!!!!

mtnsunlite 1268 days ago

What do I have to do to get that body??? Never eat again? Jealous!

SIR_Malibu 1269 days ago

God save the Queen! The bachelor party Cougarrrrrrr,
destine to be a "Wedding Crasher" ...
Bring It !

KieferKhaos 1269 days ago

All of a sudden I like Britain more... :]

asmoir 1270 days ago

If your commin to the UK make it before May!! :)

bkleuker66 1270 days ago

One more reason why this lesbian loves KG!

DEANOSU 1270 days ago


swtelston 1271 days ago

Working the royal reception... aren't you??? I wanna go... call me!

cosmoboi27 1271 days ago

Oh god what are you doing with that bottle, there has to be a reason there is a british flag on it? ummm??

DanYellRafYell 1271 days ago

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?.. Incredible airbrushing skills, right? & y'all thought I was gonna say that that wine bottle would make a perfect catheter. Silly.

TSjaye 1271 days ago

Are you popping out of William's bachelor party cake?

snatchinweaves 1271 days ago

I'm trying to guess what this could be about, but I'm baffled. You're always up to no good. ;) ily

Kraftywailer 1272 days ago

Please tell me your are going to the UK! This would make moving home from NY in May very exciting!

DavyCrockettDMZ 1272 days ago

Kathy..You are ten times more smokin' hot than you were ten years ago!...In ten more years will you marry me?!...Or just be my sex-kitten?...

oliviersansau 1272 days ago

wow im 25 and my body aint 1/2 as good as yours. im not saying u look guys-ich or anything ;)

taryn2nd 1272 days ago

are you going to pop out of the royal cake??

DaveCombs72 1272 days ago

Another bangin' bikini bod display of beautiful Kathy!