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This is @KariByron driving a fish go-kart. Really. #fromset #Mythbusters

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1981 days ago

This is driving a fish go-kart. Really. #fromset #Mythbusters


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janet5686 1980 days ago

LOL Now THAT'S a pimped ride!

martillini 1980 days ago

Only on #Mythbusters :)

LeonaEstep 1980 days ago

lmao what kind of myth is this for?

MarianoBryant 1981 days ago


LadyOnikara 1981 days ago

Ooh! My turn next!

OsukaAnimation 1981 days ago

OMG WTF? looks like Live Action Mario Kart

aballing89 1981 days ago

Next on Syfy "Mega Swordfish of Death!"

CaliZephyr70 1981 days ago

Danica Patrick is shaking in her boots!

bonniegrrl 1981 days ago

FINALLY! Swordfish Jousting on #Mythbusters! My $ is on !

andy_hc 1981 days ago

Random encounter #43

MotanumR 1981 days ago

Sweet! Also, nice car number! ;p

WolfBlossoms 1981 days ago

Pah who needs the red shell?

superP0 1981 days ago

let me guess... flying fish?

spazfox 1981 days ago

The veracity of this myth seems fishy.

WorstPacifist 1981 days ago

One could go a lifetime without seeing such a marvel of engineering. :D

Domikko 1981 days ago

Will a swordfish kill you if travelling at X MPH?

Merennulli 1981 days ago

You realize the followup to this myth will involve your sword-swinging robot parrying the swordfish...

kimyoofilms 1981 days ago

Dialed Lightning? Instead of Greased?

zoidberg1119 1981 days ago

i am looking at this trying to figure out which myth you are trying to bust here and i got nothing

coniks2 1981 days ago

Um. I assume there is rationale for it, yes? I'm sure. What it is though evades me....