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Yes it is.... #Pysch #ThisEpisodeSucks

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1948 days ago

Yes it is.... #Pysch #ThisEpisodeSucks


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VentusAstrum 1948 days ago

Ewww! You poor thing! Just....ick....

alishp23 1948 days ago

yes finally more psych! :D

csandfo 1948 days ago

the episode is really going to suck... (SO EXCITED!)

jack_jack62192 1948 days ago

FANGS!!! Blacula all the way!!

quixoticash 1948 days ago

He looks so unhappy, but I bet it tastes like strawberry or bubble gum.

carolinemorant 1948 days ago

bahhaha, and all in the name of comedy. man, psych needs to come back soon...i'm in withdrawal here.

Sarah_kara 1948 days ago

New teeth??! jajajaja, it's awwwggggggg! Ugly teeth for University years?

jamisings 1948 days ago

For those who don't know, that's a dental mold to make impressions of teeth.

ceilck 1948 days ago

Eeeeewwwww. Ick. When it airs, I will appreciate the sacrifice. But...eeeew.

dorkalecki 1948 days ago

I'm trying to make sense out of it...But failing miserably. O_o

franklygeri 1948 days ago

Meh. It's a living XD

the_outlaw_mch 1948 days ago

Yummy.. Can't wait to see you with some fangs! v""v

killahmamajama 1948 days ago

What the.......

LadyNiko 1948 days ago

Oh boy... are they going to make you wear funky dentures in an ep? ;)

WisconsinGirl19 1948 days ago

Love the look on your face. LOL

enfermeralaura 1948 days ago

hahaha must be an interesting episode! and nice hat!

brownie1301 1948 days ago

Sad day for you, sir.

SC_Psych_O 1948 days ago

whoa! never seen u with facial hair! nice! =) and whats that thing for?