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What was important was not that the begger was drunk and reeling, but that he was mounted on his horse, and however unsteadily, was going somewhere. Thomas Wolf

lori just sent me this- we were teenagers/ pre fullhouse.  if i only knew then .....

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1561 days ago

lori just sent me this- we were teenagers/ pre fullhouse. if i only knew then .....


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redheadonfire2 1449 days ago

i didnt know u knew each other before full house!?! btw, ur giving justin bieber a run for his money ;)

elodygomes 1482 days ago

Wow, you two look so nice x)) Nice hair by the way :p

melliny1 1493 days ago

wow, cute, recontra lindo!

Riin__Rand 1517 days ago

Amazing,I have no words.

Crazy_Bitch80 1531 days ago

i iwsh u to were a pair in real life ur jesse and becky lool

Ross24eli 1536 days ago

awww so cute!!!

kailyn_peace 1542 days ago

omg u guys are so cute!!! :)

InnocentFame 1544 days ago

She is gorgeous!

Cupcakes199 1546 days ago

I love this picture! Seen every show :) Would of been cool if you guys could be a couple.

1dirtyfan 1552 days ago

Which one is the girl ???????? fag !!!!

roxy000 1555 days ago

jesse in GH : all is the ATTITUDE!!
You can do whatever u want! success!!!!

wefourkings 1558 days ago

It's not fair! Men get better looking with age...

GabbyIndigo 1559 days ago

Great picture of you and Lori, John. Thanks for sharing!

myskeets2 1559 days ago

Picture from your GH days? Like the rest, I had the biggest crush on you since GH...

CarynBulmer 1560 days ago

have mercy....

jamiejwagner 1560 days ago

Men get better with age... (they say). I think you look better, now. :) -- in the most masculine way, possible.

xoxo_diamond10 1561 days ago

aw, uncle jesseee <3 !...I wish u still looked like this...but still u r handsome ! :)

DaceLavrinovica 1561 days ago

owww....I loved Full House!

Cat2s 1561 days ago

aww, I miss full house, I had the hugest crush on you when I was a teen.

sweetpansy 1561 days ago