Amanda Bynes


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1951 days ago


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Ashley_Gness 1802 days ago

...(cont.) and I know how you feel. She was the sweetest thing ever and I miss her so much.

Ashley_Gness 1802 days ago

this is a few months late, but I'm so sorry about your loss. I lost my cat about a month ago(cont.)

lla_evol_i 1883 days ago

Amanda is a princess, both beautiful & kind, with the soul of an earth angel

Lovemycelebz 1932 days ago

Aww she was was cute RIP

rosiekon 1933 days ago

really sorry to hear, i have a Pomeranian just like yours and i would be so sad if he died :(

pollygeorgieva 1935 days ago

I am so sorry for your loss, Amanda :(:(:( Rest in peace, Little Angel.

armourmaster 1935 days ago

I'm sorry to hear this. I know how hard losing a pet you care about can be. They become family to u. My condolences.

SammmyUzz 1935 days ago

D: imm sorrryy! this is horriblee :( love you amanda and Little Angel is defenitly in heaven!

legendmonalisa 1936 days ago

I'm so sorry ;( RIP

bieberhotpants 1937 days ago

i can't imagine how sad this makes you, and i am sorry you have to go through this. She was truly an angel. My thoughts and prayers are with you RIP little angel, you are and always will be perfect in every way.

budoka_ch 1937 days ago

*And shame on TMZ for mocking her memory*

Indeed. Very sorry for your loss, Ms. Bynes.

Celeb_Obsessed 1937 days ago

RIP! And shame on TMZ for mocking her memory. Just know she had a lovely happy life! <3

renataaj 1938 days ago

I'm soo sorry about that :'((

ABMiley 1938 days ago

Amanda I am sincerely sorry about Little Angel. Hope ur ok

BrookeDob 1938 days ago

It makes me cry just thinking about it !! I hope you find her !

SamMakled 1938 days ago

Amanda, I am sorry you lost your dog. Don't give up hope yet. I am praying for you that Little Angel will turn up soon.

daysiaxo 1938 days ago

omg i hope u find her :)

McJonas_Fan 1938 days ago

She's beautiful, I hope you find her. =[

Aygygijjkkp 1938 days ago

I know where you live, expect new surprises, with its angel can say goodbye!

XoBabyDollXo 1938 days ago

Soo cute