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This is the OFFICIAL VERIFIED Twitter page of Bret The Hitman Hart. Talk soon HITMAN FANS!

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MattSmooth203 1930 days ago

haha bret this drawing is great

metisboy 1936 days ago

man i honestly think Hogan leaving WWE again!!! and signing with TNA was a hige Mistake!!!!!

metisboy 1936 days ago

Im a big HOGAN FAN but i gotta admitt this is a good one Hitman!! lol

JustinCanadian 1937 days ago

Oh my god! thanks hitman! Knew a hogan pic be totally cool. :)!!! Totally true too!

DanielonDeck 1937 days ago

HAHAHAHAHA! Awesome drawing.

TheBlackKratos 1937 days ago


BrandonWCleary 1937 days ago

100 % accurate portrayal of the truth. rock on hitman.

its_VK 1943 days ago

watcha gonna do hogan ?

DoctorCSG 1944 days ago


SRT10RAM 1945 days ago

SwagAli ?? ? are you kidding me? wow, I dont even have to say anything, your name says it all..

SRT10RAM 1945 days ago

Who are these idiots coming here to hate on Bret? We Love Bret, and could care less what you think!

SwagAli 1946 days ago

You were a good tag team wrestler with poor mic skills who got a big push he never deserved. Shut up.

SwagAli 1946 days ago

Still mad you couldn't draw flies and almost bankrupted the WWE when you were the headliner I see.

Corrrine 1947 days ago

OMG Bret thats so funny lol !!! :)

LovesViperDRio_ 1949 days ago

bret,you've never done comics?we should think you know :)

Knockout_Diva 1949 days ago

HA! That's comedy! Don't listen to the haters Bret, they just want somethin to whine about.

fks1980 1950 days ago

i am a big fan of urs and great artistic work..........................hahahahaha

elaineoneill570 1950 days ago

thats cool ur talented with drawing thats brillant

VocalistTristan 1950 days ago

sweet! flair is worse though I think. Love ya Bret.

Andreapmedina81 1950 days ago

HAHAHA <3 Love It <3 :)