Kat Von D


...for the heart is an organ of fire...

Last one, I promise! :)

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1869 days ago

Last one, I promise! :)


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ScumOfManking 1852 days ago

Ahhh,we love it...it's soooo sweeeet...<3

Gineth103 1855 days ago

awww ♥ , i hope you enjoy the time and feel happy :D

hatemedestroyme 1863 days ago

absolutely prescious. :D!

Nath_nunes_ 1863 days ago

Beautiful i love cats =^.^=

UlricaF 1863 days ago

Ah..the cutes one ever! It doesnt have to be the last, you love these cats! Whats its name?

UntilUreMine13 1863 days ago

sooo cute :) i also want a sphynx ;D

El_Ivy 1868 days ago

Oh my gosh *faints* I love Sphynx kitties!
I've been thinking of rescuing one. So glad you have another one, congrats and have a great time in NYC!! Much love!

SofiaAdamazed 1868 days ago

so sweeeeeeeeeet! Piaf's awesome.

valentine9988 1868 days ago

omg so in love , oh my god!!!

mermaidbblue 1868 days ago

Awn, CUUUUTE. *-*

tamyjaps 1869 days ago

OMG...so cute!!

123Pipsqueak 1869 days ago

ahhhh,he looks so comfy :Dxxx

BJKUTSGD17 1869 days ago

He looks very happy! <3

diamondeyes13 1869 days ago

Hey lil guy whats ur name

katiemonster12 1869 days ago

<3 <3

LuxuryProblem13 1869 days ago

OMG Kat~!!!! I love her/him

Leashy_XD 1869 days ago

What a cutie <3
i want one :O xx

gdmadonna 1869 days ago

cute cute cute

KalitaLemus 1869 days ago

aaaawwwwwww...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cutee

ExplosivVe 1869 days ago

Oh so cute:D