Charlie Sheen


Actor, Producer, Winner ... Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX

artist; Greg James.
canvas; @VINORTIZ
both dear friends who's dedication shames you all
#plan better

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1342 days ago

artist; Greg James.
both dear friends who's dedication shames you all
#plan better


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bulletfoss 1329 days ago

Errr, I wonder how many people don't realise this is the logo for "Major League", a Sheen film?

eyemme 1331 days ago

Anyone else notice that the canvas or where the tat is, is NOT on Charlie?

Swhaleya 1335 days ago

color fool like prisms

Vimo720 1337 days ago

How cool girls want to meet u cause of the tattoo u got... U must feel really good about yourself.

Renegiordano 1338 days ago

My friend jodi wants to meet you

whyCeney 1338 days ago

nice face expression

Adam31069 1338 days ago


Lola_Harlow 1339 days ago

So awesome & #winning!!

DogWhisps 1339 days ago

~ #fastball tattoo ~ fantastic!

ChrisAstoyan 1339 days ago

Awesome tribute video TO WINNING....CHARLIE SHEEN style!

SteamPoweredMan 1339 days ago

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Daniel_Craig 1339 days ago

Sorry. This is one of the stupids tattoos I ever seen.

staceymailloux 1340 days ago

Speaking of grammar police, I think foxtterror meant to use "meant," not "mean." (;

genibrooke 1341 days ago

Sometimes it takes a little crazy to make a difference in this world

Foxtterror 1341 days ago

Get the grammar police back - you mean "whose" not "who's"

teachmewinning 1341 days ago


SexyJetDoc 1341 days ago

This is Awesome !!! Charlie Rocks :)

leslieivarson 1341 days ago

how long did it take?

renaofaquarion1 1341 days ago

Love it!!!