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A photo - learning from partners and community members in Patna, Bihar.  Incredible start to the day…

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1567 days ago

A photo - learning from partners and community members in Patna, Bihar. Incredible start to the day…


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AkashRahuldon 1389 days ago

one of the world's richest man helps the poor through charity ware indian richest drink the blood of their own people this causes indians to be backward ware rich remains at the peak but poor strives to reach the peak but rich push him to the bottem..caus

254309M2E862 1416 days ago

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ansari_manzar 1430 days ago

No word to express my feeling for Mr&Mrs. Gates..Indeed is't a quality of the man. Man like Mr. Gates

jayshah_79 1435 days ago

Good cause

mimoumerghad 1440 days ago

where did u go to india exactly it's most bad country in world in all thinks

JaisonEbenzer 1450 days ago

It looks like you are among untouchables in India.... break the stupid Indian cast system sir, I honor you... All ways whites made difference in India and its still by Mrs Soniagee !!!

surinderatech 1478 days ago

keep visiting india Punjab sir....!!

Naushadalam68 1479 days ago

So nice and glad to see in village among the poor people......this shows the quality of the man.....

CapivarasHD 1487 days ago

Pô tio tu foi pra India e nem me chamou? VACILÃO

LennonHackr 1487 days ago

hum. olha oq o Tio Bill anda fazendo.. hm.

Kadir_ARI 1511 days ago

This is great

surinderatech 1517 days ago

Great sir

vyshakhvsop 1530 days ago

haiiii....incredible visit.....

rajeev_bunny9 1531 days ago

sir once visit india to change da lyf style of poor people sir dey need ur help donations r of no use..

SaurabhMax 1531 days ago

keep visiting india sir....!!

254309M2E862 1536 days ago

I am Milos Nikolic,
I hope you will come to Serbia to visit our talents.
Visit the company Microelectronics. They are good as you.
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The thing you have done for the people of India, is a major step

maqstech 1539 days ago

The greatest living man on earth..... Great Bill Gates.

Anand_Viswa 1543 days ago

thanks for coming to india sir....what are your future projects in india....???

ramvamshi 1556 days ago

thank u sir fr being india. u r setting up an example in aii aspects.. GO ON>>>>>>..

amarathore 1557 days ago

Thanks Bill, you are the person who must be an ideal for all aspects...