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2193 days ago


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Susie_Sierra 2192 days ago

OMG Members from The House of Wax ... !

glefoe 2192 days ago

Gutter politics ... how about some policies Abbott?

pszeldaa 2192 days ago

and again shame on you ladies what is the price you will pay?

Maree_Meadows 2192 days ago

Good one peregrinari7 Bronwen Bishop looks as hard as nails& that smirk on Sophie Mirabella's face says it all

Maree_Frances 2192 days ago

Shame, Abbott and Liberal 'ladies', Shame

darlenecox 2192 days ago


CameronPr1ce 2192 days ago

This ad hominem abuse says more about the attackers than the target's #carbontax policy. #AusPol

Cameron_Swift 2192 days ago

Obviously apostrophes are another communist plot...

davigla 2192 days ago

peregrinare7 - absolutely hilarious. Call of the day

malbrown2 2192 days ago

Cannot wait to see the polls after this dismal lot. Low like a lizard drinking, sorry lizard.

EatShootBlog 2192 days ago

Bronwyn Bishop and Sophie Mirabella - you ought to hang your perfectly coiffed heads in shame.

EatShootBlog 2192 days ago

I want to see that picture on the front pages of all the national papers tomorrow. Unbelievable.

cheekyoziechick 2192 days ago

Hmm I bet she could give a stern talking to.

MyPaintOz 2192 days ago

put a bird on it!

peregrinari7 2193 days ago

Mrs Doubtfire has aged terribly!

chanellerodger1 2193 days ago

No comment....but bloody brilliant!