Olivia Munn: vigilante super hero, novelty pen collector and your mom.

Spent all day shootin NEW @CarlsJr campaign w/@KAJ33. So fun! And no. No, I dont c anything off in this pic. Do u?

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1495 days ago

Spent all day shootin NEW campaign w/. So fun! And no. No, I dont c anything off in this pic. Do u?


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WinspeareGlobal 1457 days ago

WOW, no I don't LOL!

FizzleThumbs 1458 days ago

to see in #tights. this is pretty much the only reason i was looking through her twitpix

overunder12ga 1493 days ago

WOW! You are the same size as his penis!

Backcracker88 1495 days ago

Yeah I do see something off in this pic u need another tall person standing on your right, ME.

recedappearing 1495 days ago

only a really lucky guy next to my fav 'perfect' person.. is there anythng else??

Scottredigonda 1495 days ago

Holy crap!!

Ben0112 1495 days ago

Off? No. Awesome.

VivianD324 1495 days ago

No nothing

VivianD324 1495 days ago


SDcyrus 1495 days ago

Your right hand is definitely on Kareem's butt!

00Reload00 1495 days ago

Holy crap is that van really that small?

thatbrodude 1495 days ago

Related: definitely happy to be shooting with Olivia.

thatbrodude 1495 days ago

Directly to the left of the first crease from the bottom of the left side of Olivia's shorts, you can see the outline of the head of Mr Jabbar's penis.

eldamon 1495 days ago

The Captain still knows how to score.

SeanMaydoney 1495 days ago

no :)

SeanMaydoney 1495 days ago


PAnderson84 1495 days ago

the shadow it totally off!

goodboyo 1495 days ago

He can totally see down your shirt!!! You're the best Roger Murdoch!!! You too Liv Money!!

stvz78 1495 days ago

It's the greatest!

lsuniverse 1495 days ago

Damn Kareem is huge!