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I just joined law enforcement #100factsaboutme

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1217 days ago

I just joined law enforcement #100factsaboutme


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saucyencounters 1166 days ago


MajorCJefferson 1201 days ago

that's cool

ExtraPile 1202 days ago

youtube i-pad 2 was great comedy,jim rome very fluent interview http://twilog.org/miketyson

limolou 1210 days ago

wow... looks like a bad nightmare

mcgheeman 1214 days ago

I guess you don't need a sidearm since your hands are designated as lethal weapons!!!

theizzzeee 1217 days ago

if, you can't beat them join them... or at least wear their uniform.

Jr23Rios 1217 days ago

Haha now that's what's up my dude!! looking good bro, love your show!...

NinjaRacDelta 1217 days ago

gonna bite an ear off again?

moeursalen 1217 days ago

Yo, Mike.... I did it. I confess. I killed Kennedy.

Thomas_Blake 1217 days ago

I smell a new reality show! Cops- Ass kicking edition!

thedejota 1217 days ago


spyyyyydeeer 1217 days ago

I feel safer already. :)

freematik 1217 days ago

looks like some shit from a Stephen King movie LOL

ChrisAstoyan 1217 days ago

Deputy Mike will knock the shit outta YOU!

RaymondaFuentes 1217 days ago


Scripts_n_Scars 1217 days ago

MIKE TYSON IS A BEAST!!! Like, a good beast. Not a bad one. Beastly Bear! With feathers. Love the badge!

One_Bent_One 1217 days ago

I would stop and do what i was told...

Mia5884 1217 days ago

oh boy okay so i saw u on last night.was great to see u do a talk show.much love =)

StayAwakeJake 1217 days ago

Deputy Tyson ready to knock ya the fuck out haha