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1593 days ago



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Murdoink 1583 days ago

tf2 flamethrowers? fuck yes

xjohnnyx 1587 days ago

Do The Dudes play TF2?

nacapi 1589 days ago

I love Andy Samberg!!!!!!

laurieculbreth 1590 days ago

Samberg has Stallonesque arms and looks like he's going to barf. For some reason, I love it.

Adcox85k 1593 days ago

coulis Hi take a look at m 8

dirtykidsdale 1593 days ago

So unrealistic, we all know ninja porpoises cant be defeated with a flamethrower

Passteck 1593 days ago

You forgot some cats and lasers.

FashoBro88 1593 days ago

I should've known the porpoise was a ninja....

SaveMeSheehan 1593 days ago