Marble Hornets


Come on!

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1867 days ago

Come on!


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UnnamedGS 1367 days ago

Forecast and the Entry that was made before it show that it can't be Alex, Alex's hair is not their in the shadow when totheark leaves. And in Entry 59, and 60, it shows that the hooded man calls you a liar because you lied to Tim/Masked Man about Marble

Lockezor 1613 days ago

V This guy... not so bright.

kalepaladeau 1696 days ago

totally fuckin fake i looked on ur chanel and it is MarbleHornets not marblehornets

DetectiveNoxy 1844 days ago

I think that Alex IS totheark.

YukioftheStars 1867 days ago

It's intentional, I'm sure of it. I'd like to blame TotheArk, but... I wish you luck, man.

sheepareamyth 1867 days ago

Perhaps it was Alex, he seems pretty intent on not wanting anyone to know what's going on.

KassandraAlyssa 1867 days ago

V That could help! ;D

AngelOfNought 1867 days ago

You could always make a "MarbleHornets2" back up account..

Miewse 1867 days ago

Better remember quick! some idiots are trying to find the pass and will get the account disabled

MyTurretLife 1867 days ago

But... But... Ok.... #foreveralone

Bostonbookworm 1867 days ago

create a new account as a temp..or just use a twitter app?

YoshiKMW 1867 days ago


RoseRed718 1867 days ago

son, i am disappoint...

CherryHeartbeat 1867 days ago

You can always make a photobucket account and put it up there and link it through twitter...

randomosis 1867 days ago

ill bet its part of the plot, and that Totheark is hacking it so he can post a video up on the Marblehornets account, probably trying to get jay to not post 37 to keep info from us

Bostonbookworm 1867 days ago

It's really not that hard of a fix..just reset remember your email password right?

RoseRed718 1867 days ago

i mean if worse comes to worse, you can just upload the video here, right?

RoseRed718 1867 days ago

d00d, don't you have an email for them to send you a temp password to?

humanall2human 1867 days ago

erm, no, that will get the account disabled.