Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.


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1709 days ago



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BleederX 1611 days ago

Soylent TimTams are made of people...

VictoriaSobocki 1637 days ago

VictoriaSobocki 1637 days ago


marcoooootje1 1645 days ago

Traces of peanuts?
That's just sick.

Darnack71 1672 days ago

OK that's just freaky to see on an actual food product!

Enter_Laughing 1675 days ago

oh shoot I'm allergic to peanuts......

thomasilly 1679 days ago

Not as odd as Tom Tum, which contains tracings from art class.

vanillabitty 1697 days ago

disturbing ><

brentonrae 1699 days ago

I knew it!
P.S. Candy? They're biscuits...

JosephBerziga 1703 days ago

Nice a Candy Bar for us Vs/Visitors, My Queen Anna might like to have some too. We are The Visitors We are of Peace Always...

DragonJSPArt 1704 days ago

HAHAHAHAH I have NEVER noticed that before! I have to check next time!

Lanhoj 1705 days ago

They're originally from Australia ...

sondor6 1706 days ago

And you thought it was hard working for your boss? Try working for Mr. Arnott!

Mariaa_90 1706 days ago

Yammy hmm...This one is my favorit!! ^.^

jpax0r 1709 days ago

May contain Tam.
And some traces of Tim.

TrekMichaels 1709 days ago

At least you'll be getting a good dose of protein.

Jezzy54 1709 days ago

Try new Tim Tams with Soylent Green.

DJ_ROCKBOY 1709 days ago

Oh no havn't seen this, my favourites! Am i Zombie? :P

ravensward 1709 days ago

The world is overpopulated and starving; would you really want all those Timothys to go to waste?!

melanie6663 1709 days ago

Very interesting. lol