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Day 1 of my cosmic armor finale (JUGGERNAUT).... Estimated days till completion : 2

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1258 days ago

Day 1 of my cosmic armor finale (JUGGERNAUT).... Estimated days till completion : 2


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ThatPacoDude 1257 days ago


Squirtampy 1257 days ago


AQWNaTra 1257 days ago

No shading at all, and I feel that you can do a better job than this.

Zheenx 1257 days ago


MrKouza 1257 days ago

This is already epic.

DyzjAE 1257 days ago


Cabreirao 1257 days ago

Not Bad Dawg.Keep Praticing Shades.

SpiritSeeker_ 1257 days ago


Multiniuz 1258 days ago

awesome , need to go to AQWorlds ^^

DoctorKnives 1258 days ago

Its faster but less intuitive and you can't edit the lines after you convert to fill but you shouldn't need to at this point.

DoctorKnives 1258 days ago

When scaling fills hold up better than lines, so in highly populated line areas, replace them with fill lines. You might actually be able to get away with Modify>Shape>Convert Lines to Fills, which I tested and worked pretty good.

DoctorKnives 1258 days ago

The gradients on the top left gun I would drop, they are too contrasted. Also On parts like edges of the armor only keep the outer most line. Same goes for dents in the armor, make them a darker fill rather than using a line. And you did good on the pipe

RednarReborn 1258 days ago

Its awesome! :o But isnt it complete already?

UkanlosAkantor 1258 days ago

It's so cool!