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I FOUND HIM! Man, that guy is good at hiding...

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1927 days ago

I FOUND HIM! Man, that guy is good at hiding...


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LubaMatveeva 1859 days ago

When I was a little girl I loved the magazine with this man!and now I have a collection of these magazines

SunnyBeadles 1892 days ago

Yay! I found him too xD But in a diff pic xD

Silent_Sh 1926 days ago

very good Jodelle, :)

iTeenMusic 1926 days ago

Yay! congrats Jode ;) xxxx

kirothesamurai 1926 days ago

Finally You Found Him. If i know who you are looking for?

LucFerland 1926 days ago

Haha, Good Job Jodelle ! ;) You are so wonderful ! ;$

Andyy3211 1927 days ago

I found him years ago, he comes round for dinner on a Tuesday night now (:

Kaminari_Girl 1927 days ago

lol good job!

maryaliceblack 1927 days ago

Haha, Just reading what you wrote, I knew it was him! lol. Good job! ;) Love you Jodelle! :) <3 Xo

JoanaLoves_u 1927 days ago

aww Wally right? When I was little I loved to find him!

MsFacinelli 1927 days ago

Haha yay

missrobyn 1927 days ago

Yay good job!