Charlie Sheen


Actor, Producer, Winner ... Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX

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Perhaps a new lair.....?

A Fox and a Warlock?




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1225 days ago


Perhaps a new lair.....?

A Fox and a Warlock?





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DjAriza_com 1223 days ago

Noooooooooooooo !

gfaulks 1223 days ago

Hey C, howmuch milk of magnesia have you had today?!

BirdVaczine 1223 days ago

Hells to the Yeah!!! That's what I'm talking about! (from a windowless room somewhere in 1999 South Bundy Drive, CA.) ;)

Lucilla1984 1223 days ago

You´re the man. Greetings from Germany. We all love you

ididafunny 1223 days ago

You are a Marketing Machine Charlie

leslieivarson 1224 days ago

hi there!! Perfect!

w6a6s6p 1224 days ago

Starting Team Sheen Denver Chapter! Look for the website soon!

Q7Win 1224 days ago

charlie use your tiger blood to expose the truth to all your sleeping winning friends - go epic-

slats6458 1224 days ago

Your the bomb Charlie ! Don't change a thing !

SJGirl712 1224 days ago

I miss you on Two and Half Men! I hope everything works out for you C ~

hurleycub78 1224 days ago

Keep WINNING Charlie!

StoffernArruda 1224 days ago

charlie youre the man!

saucyencounters 1224 days ago


myrna1313 1224 days ago

Sweet!!!! Go Charlie!!! Your fans love you.

JessicaLan_ksis 1224 days ago

You should stick it to them especially if the rumors are true.

rrovinelli 1224 days ago

talk about "sticking it" to cbs - too funny

CENSORMUSICK 1224 days ago

...W0RL0CK5 R3J0!C3!

***! W!LL, W0ULD, WHY N0T? W^TCH.


F00L5 & TR0LL5 W!LL P3R!5H! D0 N0T ^PPLY, U M^Y CRY...

!C3 CR3EM & G!BL3T5 U M!6HT TRY...

#W!NN!N6! -waiting for the ((CHARLIE CRUSH))


dragonflygurl76 1224 days ago


sexy123467 1224 days ago


KittCatt9 1224 days ago

Brilliant! Seriously, you ROCK Charlie Sheen!