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Finally done with my Cosmic Satyr, armor completed in 2hr 30min hope u like it

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1276 days ago

Finally done with my Cosmic Satyr, armor completed in 2hr 30min hope u like it


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BjorneAQW 587 days ago

This needs to be in OS

SpectralClerus 1272 days ago

cool =)

Kricharo 1272 days ago

I really like this.. as in I really really really like this. :o

veneeria 1273 days ago

looks cool! but perhaps take those lines off it... or use other colors to the lines.. mmmkay?

XcionAE 1275 days ago

Loving it man, keep up the good work but there's a way armours are made in Aqw, the peices from the front are same as the back peices except the shoulder and thigh are flipped and a obv a diff side foot like you have got

CronixAE 1276 days ago

It's good. Only I thing is wrong. Left hand is differ from right hand.

the_cyber_bully 1276 days ago

awesome looks like your plushie too

Multiniuz 1276 days ago

Cooooooooooooooooool , i love it !
bro , you have to teach me how to do this armor !

LordSlayR 1276 days ago

This is cool!! I saw it in Forums, And i ended up here, i just posted my armor, Hopefully picked and even yours to be picked!

FallFire 1276 days ago

Nice work man. has a kingdom hearts feel to it. win

_Dshade 1276 days ago

wEll, Can you make me something ( http://ui28.gamespot.com/1147/1-63658.jpg ) like your armour,style

MrKouza 1276 days ago

I can see you liek yellow

_Dshade 1276 days ago

Wow, This is just Really good, A favor will you please?, Could you make me something like this?

DatSkullz 1276 days ago

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND... You're already better than me in flash O_O Congratz! XD !