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The goldtop gets a workout today, sounds fantastic! That's my main guitar in back. #fb

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2852 days ago

The goldtop gets a workout today, sounds fantastic! That's my main guitar in back. #fb


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faanol 2625 days ago

que bonitas guitarras, regalame una jajaja :D

Erikjomertz 2627 days ago

Meu Sonho!!!! #2

_juaum 2717 days ago

Meu Sonho!!!!

kmonalisa17 2740 days ago


kmonalisa17 2740 days ago

you are the greates guitarrist!! show!! you ROCK!!!

Stratocasta 2746 days ago

man killer lps. Oi Les Paul himself died yesterday. :( You should do a tribute man. Fucking killa!

LordofNutopia 2751 days ago

this guitar is so fucking awesome
love gibson les paul's

henrycrashdiet 2756 days ago

hahah so coooool
someday ill have a goldtop!

viniciusvaleiro 2757 days ago

I Have this one. It's a amazing. I bought in November'08 as soon as it arrived here in Brazil. There are 1000 copies in the world, my is the 601.

stryder1017 2757 days ago

so i was just you have any Fenders lying around?

coachguru2009 2757 days ago

Hey man; your music has and will last well beyond all of our days! Thanks for the countless and legendary music you've made for us!

BookerJWood 2758 days ago

Love the main too. What pu's you got in there?

JeddyBoy12 2758 days ago


raphaholl 2792 days ago

namelessperugia 2800 days ago

goldtops are such beautiful guitars, totally love them

guitarhero101 2800 days ago

I want a Les Paul sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fricken badly! I just have an acoustic. Its a nice guitar but I'm sick of the mellowness I want some fricken electricity going on!

Eduardo_mg 2800 days ago

More wonderful than the guitar, is what you do with it! You are the BEST!

kayleenb 2801 days ago

awww the coveted gold top.... one day she will be mine ( well not 'that' exact one ) ;)

me_my_self_nd_I 2804 days ago

Les Pauls are the best guitars , wish I have one ......

wgdj 2804 days ago

that's the Apetite Les Paul copy in the back ,isn't it ?