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Mum Feeling Better

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1956 days ago

Mum Feeling Better


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mrsjbarrowman2b 1855 days ago

please send my love to ur mum john loves her.

Elton_J0hn 1925 days ago

She is so sweet!

JanisofHoneypot 1949 days ago

Glad your Mum is feeling better John. Big Hugs xxx

pinklady9087 1952 days ago

hay john r u doing panto this year

thearcherclan 1952 days ago

Brill, that's the marvellous trouper spirit in the Barrowman blood! 99 days & counting to CJ, yay! x

MadaboutJB 1952 days ago

Hi John, just seen that your Mum not been well, hope she's totallly better now, loved meeting her & your dad at concerts, I love your family, can't wait for next concerts, Anne xxx

jedikat71 1954 days ago

So glad she's feeling better! Best of luck with the filming!

pinklady9087 1954 days ago

hi john hope u had a wonderful birthday and glad your mums feeling better carnt wait to watch toorchwood

KatFlap 1955 days ago

Glad you are feeling better Mrs. Barrowman and I hope John is taking good care of you xx

jbloverxx 1956 days ago

aw glad your mums feeling better, hope the filmings going well :) x glad to see you safe and well x

sazy789 1956 days ago

awwww thats a good pic x x x x x

evo0308 1956 days ago

Great pic. Glad to hear mum's better. Are she and your dad doing the tour with you. Can't wait

izembard 1956 days ago

Good to know you're having some fun time with your family John, though still working very hard. Sorry Mum's not been well but very happy she's feeling better. Had great pic with your parents at Tyne Bridge, Newcastle & you signed it for me!- They are

Shazzi39 1956 days ago

Hey John. Cool photo. Glad your mum is feeling better and all is well out there. Got tickets for your show in Bournemouth in November - Can't wait, Woo-hoo!! x

ednaroberts 1956 days ago

I hope your mum will get well soon

leannebarrowman 1956 days ago

aawww hope u gt well soon hope u will be there on tour in cardiff xxxxx

ZheniaKiselyova 1956 days ago

Happy that Mrs B. is feeling better. Get well soon!

momo_uli 1956 days ago

happy your feeling better, Mrs. B! Get well soon, please. Greeings from Bavaria

yetanotherpearl 1956 days ago

glad you are feeling better mrs barrowman :) hi jb :) lots of love to you all from pearl

lizziem0730 1956 days ago

Sorry meant mum stubged phone xx