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2471 days ago


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vmedia101 2293 days ago

the swine flu in your dorm? get an apartment this smester

MeekaCo 2335 days ago

im pretty sure you're wearing that upside down?

CeeCubed 2338 days ago

were you like really sick here or sumthin'?

freshferlyfe 2449 days ago

happy swine 09!

poedj_minkz 2453 days ago

i have that one!

EpicBryanIsEpic 2456 days ago

Swine flu protected XD

ssekk 2457 days ago

ahh, you're amazingly attractive ;)

shockrocket 2464 days ago

I still think you look amazing ;)

wannabite 2465 days ago

cute mask ~.'

djc_yana 2469 days ago

you don't look sick at all. >.

DorkierThanU 2469 days ago

dont sit there and take pictures run from the swine!!!

dublefrick 2469 days ago

oh nuuu!!

Wirisita 2470 days ago

ohhh get well soon!
and thx 4 the videos on youtube....they are really good

helloveeveeann 2470 days ago

dont die.

Azn_Sensation 2470 days ago

i hope u get well me it looks lyk u have the mask on upside-down(maybe its just me?!?)

monadeezzyy 2470 days ago

get well !! you look cute with the mask on lol :}

peace_watupyo 2471 days ago

i don't think that mask help from getting the swine flu??

sephirots 2471 days ago

you don`t look like fever patient. if does ,your face should look like snow white..

stepzphoto 2471 days ago

ahahaha you don't look sick ;p

MrsLovettesPies 2471 days ago

ahahaha :)) nice..