Are our @australian #FamilyLawFail Courts little more than 21stC witchcraft trials? #auspol.... By what constitutional or divine power do @Australian Governments think they can regulate, prohibit, modify, terminate, create marriage contracts? Surely, even in our over-governed society we have the basic #humanrights of freedom to choose whom we marry whether #samesex #oppositesex #heterosexual #lgbt or #celebate? Surely marriage remains an act of consent, between 2 consenting adults, that no Government can put asunder? Not since the penal colony days of the 1860s have Australians (convicts) needed our Governmen' and Governwomen' permission to marry. Even in those dark days of convictdom, our Governors of the day couldn't force 2 people or deem them legally married against their consents. And surely we retain the right to freedom of family association, individual rights and responsibilities of parent, spouse and child, cornerstones of every world religion and religious practice, including those that are suppposedly protected even under our Australian Constitution? When did 'fault free divorce' - the Whitlam era promise turn into a heavily taxpayer funded $44bn per annum plus smorgas-gorge-fest for a nation of 30,000 family lawyers creating poverty misery, suicide and depression for 100,000 plus more ordinary Aussie families? Not mentioned in Parliament for 15 years, but while our MPs shed tears over 2 Govt paid Aussie Dads die each YEAR in #Afghanistan, 12 Govt abused Aussie Dads die each DAY in #Australia: Meanwhile, our PM, our Ministers, our MPs all too well aware of what is going on, refuse to say or do or acknowledge anything Priorities Pls? See @InjusticeGames. Over 7000 Tweeps and 20 MPs have read this damning petition: . Yet they blatantly refuse to do nothing. Why wasn't this the No.1 priority for the media and the political parties at the 2010 federal election?