Charlie Sheen


Actor, Producer, Winner ... Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX

Fastballs keep coming. 
12 more shows on sale Sat.

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2020 days ago

Fastballs keep coming.
12 more shows on sale Sat.


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marie_listening 2002 days ago

WOW the Artist is amazing-WINNING :)

_joao10 2004 days ago

Muito bom!hahaha

BryckHaus 2006 days ago

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Springfart 2013 days ago

hahaha epic

didiuriobranco 2014 days ago

kinda gay

AvaSaint 2014 days ago

Your poster is a "WINNER"! See ya in Chi Town!

PunchDrunkJewel 2014 days ago

Did you strike in the middle of a weenie roast or what?!

lynnenikko 2015 days ago

Hey Kent! Do you think therapy will help YOU!

lynnenikko 2015 days ago

This is Awesome or I should say Epic......:)

tweeety1 2015 days ago

I love this artist this could be a game a comic book and a great movie in 3 D or is it 4 D now :)P

Nrsrtcht 2015 days ago

Charlie you are awesome...Keep up the GREAT work. Love you Debbie smooch

stayeasycheesy 2016 days ago

haha, how cool! wanna see it, but i live in germany :(

Opheliassong 2016 days ago

This poster is the only thing I like about the charade. Nothing funny about a psychological break or what ever it is but whoever the artist is did a great job. A beginning of a "comic" book.

RevElizabethSJA 2016 days ago

What are the shows about? People are buying the tickets because they thrive on people having a breakdown. Look what they did to Brittany Spears - it's your turn.

doriangray777 2017 days ago

I think Dice Clay is jealous. He lashed out because Charlie is tearing it up more than Dice ever did.

team__jackson 2017 days ago

dr drew labeled u with hypomania.either well, its entertaining while it lasts.

apryll420 2017 days ago

Where can I submit my know I have skills.... ; ) Apryll

BizzoDoes 2017 days ago

Awesome pic!

vineykevin 2018 days ago

who is the artist? Can i get a copy? Please?

coolcattrucker 2018 days ago

You have been a busy boy!! SEE you can do it on your own my friend!!:))