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King of all Media. Howard 100 and Howard 101 on SiriusXm Satellite Radio. Howard TV on Demand. Author, Actor, Lord of Fart Manor.

Cover boy.

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1633 days ago

Cover boy.


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AmazingBethO 1537 days ago

Howard's nose looks like the tip of a penis. Tee Hee.

Kevsters 1551 days ago

Yo Howard! That finger is supposed to go up your nose!!!

AmazingBethO 1552 days ago

Howard wants me to remind you that you can show her you love her at

AmazingBethO 1555 days ago

If there was a nickle up that nose, Howard's finger would be two knuckles deep.

Kevsters 1568 days ago

Did you put your name on a photo of Don Imus???

RobbySilv 1582 days ago

You've done well my Lahnseman...Thanks for all the laughs

FastFiveVin 1592 days ago

Buy Private Parts starring Howard Stern here on Amazon!

Glassbear1950 1596 days ago

Howard, You are a blessed man!

papamidniite 1624 days ago

And the other pic makes you look like the coolest mother effer ever! You're the king!

papamidniite 1624 days ago

I just got my copy yesterday, hard time finding it here in this hick town

transparntJello 1628 days ago

You're the best! This and Sammy Hagar's book on my "must read" list.

jenjae 1629 days ago

Would love to see your eyes. Then again, that is the genius of Seliger. Leaves us wanting more!

jenjae 1629 days ago

You look so're thinking about Beth naked, aren't you? Yeah, thinking bout sex.

HG2020 1630 days ago

Cool looking cover man! We're you deep in thought thinking about various apple devices?

CiPNET 1630 days ago

Great pic and excellent interview!

mstomper 1630 days ago

Taking a dump?

tracymalibu 1631 days ago

Thank you, Howard for continuing to share your heavy soul ... to help us lighten ours.

JIDF 1631 days ago

3 times. Congrats!

michaelbw1998 1631 days ago

Top man!

dennyor 1631 days ago

Ah ... the 'real' Howard. The one Beth fell for. Lucky women.