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Norway wtf!??

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1573 days ago

Norway wtf!??


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pecand 1484 days ago

to chocado

Andreas155 1568 days ago

yep dette er i kristiansand, mc donalds overtok en gammel bank

Selmaskavlan 1568 days ago

Haha, really? Where in Norway were you exactly? I saw you in Oslo Spektrum, AMAZING as always :) you are such an inspiration.

ParizDJ 1572 days ago

They better have a host to seat people

Eynscha 1572 days ago

Such a litte girl and such a huge Mc D!!! Wuoh!

BeritKorg 1572 days ago

Berlin got the biggest McDonald´s in Europe-> no hating please.

prettylolira 1572 days ago

what is this bullshit?

aelgchen 1572 days ago

i always thought freiburg, germany was kinda special ( )...but this is way cooler!

eternallyida 1572 days ago

Thats how we roll

Hypertextband 1572 days ago

yepp! norway has the best restaurant MD. even the interior kick ass!

vUl94r 1572 days ago


sil_ver_bull_et 1573 days ago

What no drive through

iPlusEtt 1573 days ago

Välkommen! Ses imorgon!

bygones4sure 1573 days ago

Home sweet home everywhere huh?

AnnaPJohansson 1573 days ago

Kristiansand? Känns bekant!

DemetraCat 1573 days ago

It seems that McDonald's has been "Indestructible" through ages...

Robbinovic 1573 days ago

Must be one hell of a burger! And the nuggets are not chicken, I suppose?!

VnikaL 1573 days ago

that must b hell of a McDonalds !xD

Malisadobabado 1573 days ago


Svendzie 1573 days ago

Det er sånn vi gjør det ;)