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McFrog 2267 days ago

This picture changed my life :D

vikwhitehouse 2338 days ago


sashaasays 2427 days ago

what does cockminster mean?

Imyreld 2504 days ago


Franziieee 2504 days ago


musematt 2511 days ago

!!! ^.^ ♥

j0nesey92 2511 days ago

I don't get it :S lol someone explain

OnliiMuse 2514 days ago

hah. :D

YvetteBellamy 2518 days ago

Oh!!!!! after a long thinking, i guess i understand it now! LOL :P

YvetteBellamy 2518 days ago

LOL! though i didn't understand it!! xD

dead0citizen 2519 days ago

i know who wrote that: Steve Stifler from american pie

Tin_Foil_Zeta 2521 days ago

lol Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out, I'm going to see them in November, Woot >.> They sold out just after my friends mum got the tickets ^-^!!

Bluey650 2521 days ago

I wonder what happens when I press this?

flutepipes 2535 days ago

Hrm, if you add a few lines to the three dots on the very right, you'll get a dick...

alelilla 2548 days ago

I don´t understand lol u______U

DinaFKK 2554 days ago


amethyst_muse 2555 days ago

yeah, fair enough!
lol at these comments XD

Daria_Sergeevna 2556 days ago

фу, какие пошляки тут некоторые

mospeeking 2559 days ago

Yep... Finger def looks like a flacid penis. Paul was right.whats with the brain fucks? Amusing... Yet... Somehow desighned to drive the feeble minded to distraction. You guys are evil. Love it. Lmfao