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Mom to my home crew. NASA Astronaut STS-128, ISS Expeditions 20/21, STS-129, STS-133. Aquanaut NEEMO 9.

Africa, I think, from the Cupola

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1600 days ago

Africa, I think, from the Cupola


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piekandy 1599 days ago

That is unreal!! Amazing photo.

GrayLandTweets 1600 days ago


ewamann 1600 days ago

What a beautiful picture, - lovely!!!

PC0101 1600 days ago

Turn pic upside down. Gulf of Gabes (Tunisia). This point 33.269465,11.302185 can be used for precise identifications. Island of Mellita off Sfax 34.643151,11.044006. Your Madagascar actually is Sicily.

GJ_DAN 1600 days ago

just 'wow' awesome shot!

TestNgo 1600 days ago

Amazing shot..Thanks

Kikucchi 1600 days ago

Never get tired of pix from space...amazing colors! what a contrast btw ocean & desert & clouds too:-))

ms15marie 1600 days ago

Greatest View Ever!!

Fezman92 1600 days ago

But you are right, it is Africa. The island right under the Souyz solar array is Madagascar

Fezman92 1600 days ago

[Insert obligatory you are an astronaut, but you aren't sure on geography joke here] ;) lol

TUNAPUNA 1600 days ago

Stunning Shot many thanks for sharing