A humanoid robot designed to work side by side with humans, or go where the risks are too great for people.

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Check me out. I'm in space!

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1287 days ago

Check me out. I'm in space!


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Amayrannita 1273 days ago

wake Up..! :)

giselamj 1284 days ago

oh yes. you are there!! good luck my friend!:)))

simetradon 1286 days ago

Fire the missiles and obliterate the filthy meatbags!

844fan 1286 days ago

how good is it to be out of that box Robonaut it was kind of cramped in there

wcsregueiro 1287 days ago

el mundo es tuyo,solo te faltan piernas

siroiscraig 1287 days ago

YES YES YES. lead the way and help us humans unlock the mysteries of the universe please : )

sandarwai 1287 days ago

un integrante a prueba de golpes,bieenn

MaruLaura 1287 days ago

Great! excelent for you!

THEMooCowMama 1287 days ago

I think he looks more like "Yyeeesssss, score...!" than ready to box... :)

marea359 1287 days ago

Fantastic! Perhaps the nameplate
with your name lacks

Rennymartinez 1287 days ago

Te felicito Robonaut es una gran experiencia..

RangerBystander 1287 days ago

Yay Robonaut!!

PAMDigiCam 1287 days ago

Hi theR2, you are looking as a boxer ready for boxing in space, don't you? Have a good match!

kuritetta 1287 days ago

Good morning R2 !

PC0101 1287 days ago

Welcome to zero-G!

Kafkaonshore 1287 days ago

CONGRATS!!! U look like C3PO before Anakin assambly all!!! they forgot your legs!

Twolanes 1287 days ago

where's c3p0?

luisabcmx 1287 days ago

Happy! how do you respond to weightlessness? how will be for crew to work closely with an android?

suka0421 1287 days ago

Hello R2. We are never give up,from Japan.

Kickalien 1287 days ago

Great! Hello, R2!!!