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1992 days ago


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zhakupova96 1802 days ago


Shinodette_Show 1893 days ago

Yep i got one, unfortunately it's a lil bit to tight 4 me!! :) I need to loose weight lol but nice one Mike! thx

CatherineBreads 1894 days ago


3marz2 1987 days ago


gyoza26 1988 days ago

Thank you so much.ありがとう!

jjminiyumi 1991 days ago

It's so nice! I like origami Tee. Thank you Mike, Thank you LP. ありがとう from Japan.

Giulieth 1991 days ago

They were perfect. I loved the initiative, you are amazing. ♥

Yuikitk 1991 days ago

I like black T-Shirt so much & that's good idea. I would like to buy but i don't know how to buy.

ManoelPaulo_ 1991 days ago

Knew it would take for you to create something to help Japan! Congratulations Mike, Congratulations Linkin Park #PrayForJapan

SunsetGrey 1991 days ago

they really do look awesome!!! i'll buy on if i can

IAmJerre 1992 days ago

nicely done mike i am gonna buy one i think :D

AndressaLP 1992 days ago

you are always my pride <3

mjarre 1992 days ago

You guys are awesome for seeing a need and helping out=)

stella_0528 1992 days ago

Thank you so much. Please help Japan. 本当にありがとうございます。日本を助けて下さい。 From Japan.

MaryAnahi_ 1992 days ago

are beautiful, congratulations!!!!!

thehealthymom 1992 days ago

sweet! Can't wait to get mine :) Thanks for giving so much for the people of Japan.

sasapiny 1992 days ago


Rayanne_N 1992 days ago

Great cause!²

nirvaieva 1992 days ago