LeBron James


ST.V-M Class of 03

At the crib watching T.U.F.F. Puppy on nick. Haaaaa

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1792 days ago

At the crib watching T.U.F.F. Puppy on nick. Haaaaa


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AlysaW25 1790 days ago

Nice T.V.!!! I'll trade u for girl scout cookies?!?!

DeLima33 1790 days ago

No One Likes u, Your not a leader your a follower, don't be mad, your mother should have swallowed u

iCarlycruise3 1791 days ago

Dude nice set..:) thats Awesome! so your a Nickelodeon dude ... at least I don't feel bad now....lol

joeymosseri 1791 days ago

u are awesome lebron! funny as heck heheh! plz anseer back..i love u(not in a wierd way though!)

Rosalba_Hdz 1791 days ago

oh me gusta esta imagen estagenial eeeeee

realhartman 1791 days ago

LeBron! I'm Butch Hartman, creator of TUFF PUPPY. Glad you like the show, man. Thanks for watching and being a fan!

CrashComplex 1792 days ago

lol....glad to see you have some time for your kids....keep up that intensity we saw last night

Yo_rich24 1792 days ago

My daughter favour but check out puma's worlds fastest band funny stuff

DeLima33 1792 days ago

Wanna kno what's funnier? Your career.....fake Pippen

dwnwitthekngLBJ 1792 days ago

LBJ6 iam ur biggest fan follow me.. Go Heat.. Read my tweets u will see iam ur biggest fan...

Pharmgirlx8 1792 days ago

love it!!!

mspiph305 1792 days ago

you gotta get up on that phineas and ferb!! (LOL)

senegalesegirl 1792 days ago

Long live the king!!! Great combination of talent and personality. Cool pic by the way, we want more.

UndaDoggRecords 1792 days ago

brandon44133 is a bitch! How many rings u got nigga...exactly.get off dat man dick u worser than that wanna be slave owner 4 Cavaliers.James a free man, get it-FREE

RavickGomes 1792 days ago

Bron.. Australian fans love your work... Thanks for inspiring us to become better every day...

Crazay21 1792 days ago

Your the best 'bron

JailtonRFLA 1792 days ago

Big Lebron. Big player. Big man!

elah3001 1792 days ago

My kids love T. U. F. F. Puppy 4 real

hoop_n_holla 1792 days ago

How to tell you're livin right - you have the same size TV as LBJ, yours just takes up the whole room

mark_pedreno 1792 days ago

cool man...