Scott Kelly


Last chance to play #spacegeo! Here's one for the road. Name it!

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2138 days ago

Last chance to play #spacegeo! Here's one for the road. Name it!


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wrsanders04 2105 days ago

hudson river

luzespaacc 2119 days ago

es muy bella la foto la mia es del sol desde mi casa

MirekCDN 2132 days ago

with the "land" on the right and islands to the left i'm thinking hudson bay?

Swesda1982 2136 days ago

Байқоңыр...? Welcome home Scott! *hug*

sumeet_ranka 2136 days ago

All part of European route E123 that connects the Ural region with Central Asia, spanning 2,840 kilometres (1,760 mi).

sumeet_ranka 2136 days ago

These are the roads................................

sumeet_ranka 2136 days ago

M-36: Podgorodka – Kostanai – Zapadnoye;M-32: Kyzylorda – Shymkent;M-39: Shymkent – Frontovoy

sumeet_ranka 2136 days ago

A-342: Zapadnoye – Esil – Derzhavinsk – Arkalyk – Zhezkazgan
A-344: Zhezkazgan – Kyzylorda

ewings40 2136 days ago

This picture is absolutely beautiful! Any chance you'll offer it to the rest of us?

PC0101 2136 days ago

Kelly landed near Arkalyk, even farther, 200 mi beyond the upper right corner. The length of the frozen lake is about 10 miles.

PC0101 2136 days ago

This area is the approximate Soyuz target landing area. Soichi landed near Zehzkazgan, already 100 mi beyond the bottom right corner of the pic.

Kickalien 2137 days ago

Welcome back to the earth, Kelly!

Geshiela 2137 days ago

wow! don't get us wrong with this picture! We welcome you back WARMLY!

Stelygs 2137 days ago

Beautiful ice world! Thx for all the intriguing #spacegeo, Cdr! Congrats on the success of Exp-26...and welcome back on the blue planet ☺

pamkstewart 2137 days ago

Is this anywhere near the landing area for the Soyuz?

pamkstewart 2137 days ago

That makes sense. When desert lakes dry up they make huge salt beds which are often white.

imagine1701 2137 days ago

My God what an astonishingly beautiful photo! safe journey, Scott.

beachton 2137 days ago

I think the bull shape is a salt flat when it's dry. Can see tire tracks in Google Earth.

soulchango808 2137 days ago

Lago La Amarga, Argentina