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2704 days ago


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cigarsNscotch 2703 days ago

Looks more like the "Golden" Sheik to me.

razakel 2703 days ago

He definitely doesn't look like male prostitute.

johnrocker69 2704 days ago

The Iron Shiek was the best interview EVER in the 8 years I've been listening. He truly is the RAINing INCONTIENT Champlween.

ryuuzaraki 2704 days ago

he looks exactly like i was expecting too :)

petetubbs 2704 days ago

Zee Iron Shiek will give Joo the Camel Crotch!!!! Ahh..... Booo

triplea4 2704 days ago

What a complete and total waste this guy is. A pathetic individual.

brandonjanssen 2704 days ago

This is a joke right...It's like a weekend at bernies thing, this fuck is clearly dead. Did they make you dig him up Jim?

Jeremyd1969 2704 days ago

Love the little slipper socks he has on with the non-slip tread. Like they wear in the nursing home.

Lady_Trucker 2704 days ago

Oh you silky geese every time he heard Opie he thought you were saying "Oh Pee" so he did! Aaaaa BOO ME.

NVMEV1 2704 days ago

hes thinkin of brook hogan alittle too hard. plessar forrrr me antony and opium.

KimLaBella 2704 days ago

Haha! His face is priceless. Iron Sheik is a silly goose!

Falldog 2704 days ago

He really does look like he'd be hanging out at a Miami club hitting on 18 year olds.

buffaloferg 2704 days ago

Opium and Andony!

gordongetgo 2704 days ago

the "Iron Leak" is born...

mikemcgregor 2704 days ago

People ask me how I can drink all night without a pee. Depends

thesullyshow 2704 days ago

Awesome, just awesome... can't get any more real then that!

trapper125 2704 days ago

Shoes off, beer in hand and piss in his pants. Classic

ATIGER5000 2704 days ago

can someone put him in the cobra clutch when he says "exactly" one more time please???

OpticronPrimal 2704 days ago

Well.......He didn't match the picture in my head, I'll say that.

lukehovey81 2704 days ago

Where to start...A hitler mustache on Carlos Mencia's kid toucher uncle who loves crank.