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Putting the radiation levels at Fukushima into perspective

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2023 days ago

Putting the radiation levels at Fukushima into perspective


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johdax 1758 days ago

where is this originally from?

CaLoFs 2008 days ago


Marcoten 2019 days ago

It's on logarithmic scale...

collettesnowden 2019 days ago

totally misleading image as distance between 1&10: 10&100: 100&1,000 appear the same, very wrong.

e_yoshinori 2020 days ago

why the brazilian flag?

gakuranman 2021 days ago

In response to nisekos. You are right. This image shows single values. The current values in Japan are being given in hours (that means you need to be exposed for a whole hour to receive that amount of radiation). Check my blog for more details.

nisekos 2021 days ago

great idea but you need to distinguish between mSv and mSv per unit time (hour, day or year)

oo_ten_oo 2021 days ago


nono_cc 2021 days ago


Brusuth 2022 days ago

Max was 11930 microsieverts, that's 11930.0 mSv Peak. Not Sv as stated above!

watermelondave 2022 days ago

Gakuranman.com is doing live updates on the situation http://gakuranman.com/great-tohoku-earthquake/

gakuranman 2022 days ago

The figure in question at 9.00am is 11930.0uSv - micro - in other words it is 11.9mSv.

gakuranman 2022 days ago

In response to oneoliner, this is the latest report by TEPCO http://www.tepco.co.jp/cc/press/betu11_j/images/110315e.pdf

chloeymck 2022 days ago


Oneoliner 2022 days ago

Though just a burst levels are rising fast.

Oneoliner 2022 days ago

I suggest you lookup 11930Sv on the above chart.

Oneoliner 2022 days ago

Radiation Level 11930.0Sv Peak - March 15 :9:00am local - TEPCO

zdavatz 2022 days ago

Excellent graph, thanks!

Scorpion1405 2022 days ago

Tokyo (CNN) reported highest radiation levels at Fukushima gate as 11mSv max and now down to 0.6mSv. A far cry from 400mSv. Who's right?