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Mom to my home crew. NASA Astronaut STS-128, ISS Expeditions 20/21, STS-129, STS-133. Aquanaut NEEMO 9.

Getting tools set up in the airlock for EVA 1

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1600 days ago

Getting tools set up in the airlock for EVA 1


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EricJFKleijssen 1589 days ago

LOL - let's set up a business buying el cheapo Karstadt pens selling them for $50 :)))

blg912 1597 days ago

I heard a joke about space pen and pencil, and was laughing like no tomorrow, ha ha ha.

Samusart69 1597 days ago

Space Jam ;)

Chihirozahra 1597 days ago

wow ! Good 4 u :)

Astro_Nicole 1597 days ago

Thanks for comments! No space pens in space - just regular ol' pens and pencils.They work great.

eu_hal9000 1597 days ago

Great ! but not too expensive compared with on Earth Montblanc writing instruments ;)

PC0101 1598 days ago

They use anti-gravity pen with nitrogen gas cartridge to press the ink towards the tip. Make Fisher, available on Earth too: just 50 $ a piece.

sanduleak_1 1600 days ago

Is it difficult to write with a pen in the space???

Brains3 1600 days ago

A Fair task sorting that to find tools