Nicole Stott


Mom to my home crew. NASA Astronaut STS-128, ISS Expeditions 20/21, STS-129, STS-133. Aquanaut NEEMO 9.

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ISS  -  tally ho!

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1281 days ago

ISS - tally ho!


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PC0101 1279 days ago

A view of the crosshairs of alien space invaders? LOL Actually the approaching system. is perfectly right.

gerty 1281 days ago

"That's no Moon..."

ClassicTrekker 1281 days ago


Nothing! He's all right!

sandarwai 1281 days ago

Parece un sistema ILS o VOR, como el de las aeronaves

ClassicTrekker 1281 days ago


We're too close! Loosen up!!

Ziku3 1281 days ago

Stay on targer!

LucyWestStudios 1281 days ago

This is a very cool shot. Could the green mark be the camera "on" button reflecting in the window?

CancelTab 1281 days ago


Fezman92 1281 days ago

Luke, you've turned off your targeting computer. What's wrong?

robstrong 1281 days ago

Tedd: I am a photographer, not an astronaut, but my guess is that the green mark is lens flare; it's about the same shape as the very bright image of the ISS itself.

tedd4u 1281 days ago

What is the green mark near the 2'20" mark on the reticle? (Thanks for these pics!)

PatsBard 1281 days ago

I really love these shots. Thanks!