Denise Richards


live in the moment.....

Great transport for pup my ride! Thx Baldwin Shelter for helping us

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2024 days ago

Great transport for pup my ride! Thx Baldwin Shelter for helping us


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silaspiacenti 1993 days ago

I want to be that dog! :-P

andrepreisler 2001 days ago

how many dogs do you have now, beautiful Denise?

krishsoni 2002 days ago

alll beau

hiriapan 2016 days ago

I loved you, since the first day that I knew you

Jlh628 2021 days ago

You're beautiful, Denise!

1RoguePoet 2022 days ago

You must have a sad life, to be so bitter about someone you don't know.

ihateglee2011 2022 days ago

, if you cannot leave nice comments, don`t leave any! Now we know why you have your twitter account locked. Back off.

ShanDevine 2023 days ago

Should worry about the starving & abused CHILDREN in this world, and HELP THEM 1st!!!!

ShanDevine 2023 days ago

Well, you need to rethink you username. GAY.

ShanDevine 2023 days ago

Everyone would look great in their 40's of they never had their childern, fucked random men nightly, and had 3 or 4 Boob jobs that she admitted to, and the SO Obvious shit on her face, that she is afraid to admit to!!!!

ShanDevine 2023 days ago

I'm not the only one who thinks so! LOL
Looks like the air-brushers missed your Adam's apple! RT Great transport for pup my ride. Pfft.

JACKIESMITHNV 2023 days ago

So cute:) Denise you look great! you're a great mom and i wish your show came back on i loved it

ihateglee2011 2023 days ago

who is this idiot that says you look like a man? You look gorgeous Denise!!

Radiohead1975 2023 days ago

, you need to go home and rethink your life.

ShanDevine 2023 days ago

You look like a MAN.

tharockstar1980 2023 days ago

U look amazing

sequatchiegirl 2024 days ago

Doing great things. Do you have your land for your rescue yet?

KareneKowalski 2024 days ago

I love that you are such an animal lover! That is so awesome!

blondie5o 2024 days ago

Great pic of you and this adorable little guy!!! Thank you for helping these little guys out!xo

InboxUtah 2024 days ago

I'm eatin my pizza anyways.....