I'm a singer-songwriter from Alaska who lives on a ranch in Texas with my husband Ty and son Kase.

Geez-i didn't really see the accident I was in til the paper yesterday. The fire truck def won

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2048 days ago

Geez-i didn't really see the accident I was in til the paper yesterday. The fire truck def won


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ebuchszer 2045 days ago

scary! thanks God you're OK

nikiamichael 2046 days ago

Thats a fire truck? From what century LoL Glad your ok though......

PierceAeroOne 2046 days ago

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kaseykahnefan4 2046 days ago

oh wow jewel! im so glad you are ok. i think the one i was in was just about as bad as yours!

PierceAeroOne 2046 days ago

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KJAndy 2047 days ago

That's really scary! I'm soooo glad that you and your baby are safe, I didn't hear about this until Sunday night when someone told me! Angels were definitely standing by for you that day!

arielnycity 2047 days ago

WOW. Thank God you and the baby are ok.

Torpian 2047 days ago

He definitely got you. Thank God your car is well made and that you and the bub are OK.

Trophytrails 2047 days ago

In the arms of an angel!

joaninhacarla 2047 days ago

putz... ainda bem q não aconteceu nada de mais.... Deus Abençoe vocês #AMEM

williampluvenus 2047 days ago

Nossa !!! Fiquei preocupado quando fiquei sabendo !!!

mgcnewyork 2047 days ago

OMG, I did not know you are a Swiss Girl. I love it. I am glad all is ok with the accident.

mcbrideukfan 2048 days ago

Thank god you and the baby are ok :) xXx

sunshine061 2048 days ago

Glad you and the future singing bull rider are OK...nasty looking wreck.

_kissmyass316 2048 days ago

I am so glad your okay!

tawilkins6 2048 days ago

Oh my!! It's a good thing God was looking out for you!! So glad you and the baby are ok!! Peace be with you!

MrAWEesome 2048 days ago

Is that a picture of the cheepest looking firetruck in America?

KarinyaCarissa 2048 days ago

There must be an angel watching over you and your did it happen anyway??

Rwhite55 2048 days ago

Thank God and GM airbags! Glad you and the baby are ok.

rockincanegirl 2048 days ago

OMG! I'll say it again i'm so glad you & the baby are ok!!