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Before and After photo of Japan! So sad!! :( #PrayForJapan

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1935 days ago

Before and After photo of Japan! So sad!! :( #PrayForJapan


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MartinaNorrman 1878 days ago

Japan is almost ok now, says the Swedish ambassad. My boyfriend and I are going to Tokyo in July, so I hope Japan is ok :)

chiitaroh0eiri3 1928 days ago


ありがとう。 #prayforjapan
(人-)謝謝xi xie! kamsahamnida!
Thank you! Merci!
Grazie! Спасибо
Danke! Gracias! Dankon!

bsbfcyukiko 1929 days ago

Thank you for praying it for Japan. 16 and 80-year-old survivor were found today! It was the 10th day!! I pray to God for survivors...

VanessaOLLG 1934 days ago

I am crying my eyes out right now...

LovaticNinja 1935 days ago

Holy Sh** thats terrible =( #PrayForJapan

JustBrazilBieb 1935 days ago

OMG!movie image appears! can not believe this picture! O.o

CatherinMoon 1935 days ago

OMG!!..can't believe!!!.... I just can't believe..... ='(

Ilaria8579 1935 days ago

Soooooooooo sad!!!! :(

BSB_angel13 1935 days ago

#prayforjapan thats all i cud do!!

mmmaroca 1935 days ago

adorebackstreet 1935 days ago

Christiana273 1935 days ago

krly 1935 days ago


MaiJonasSwiftDL 1935 days ago

Dios que triste, no puedo creer que esto haiga pasado #PrayForJapan :(

6abrielaBeadles 1935 days ago

OhMyGod! this is devasting #prayforjapan please and help they

orewiis 1935 days ago

OMG :( japon esta destrozadoo! #PrayForJapan

annapeasoup 1935 days ago

holy sh.... #prayforjapan

Canadian_Swagg 1935 days ago

ohmygod . :'(

Nelion9 1935 days ago


DaBieberPotter 1935 days ago

Oh God! :( #prayforjapan