Charlie Sheen


Actor, Producer, Winner ... Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX


"Eat your hearts out; literally!  Now go buy it.


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2139 days ago


"Eat your hearts out; literally! Now go buy it.



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cxme1 1871 days ago

Cool :)
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ElennaV 2090 days ago

Fans Write WB and lets help our man!

Sretikub 2116 days ago

i want good hard girl iwill give???,,,

SMAACKass 2118 days ago

Tattoed SKANK! I wouldnt let ANYONE know I tagged That!!!!

BryckHaus 2119 days ago

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daddybob55 2125 days ago

lucky f

WriteInTexas 2125 days ago

Lame, lame, lame. Rick Roll your mother.

HannahGodsGirl 2126 days ago

he's always stoned..... duh


selene_010 2126 days ago

You look stoned in this pic..... duh

ChrisAstoyan 2127 days ago

Awesome tribute video TO WINNING....CHARLIE SHEEN style!

TherealColeson 2128 days ago

Sheen, where did you get that shirt! I want one

pgbokhari 2128 days ago

Does the term "jailbait" registers in your head bubba ?

Loopholegonzo 2129 days ago

Who's the hot chick hanging with the guy from the west wing?

miaakate 2129 days ago

your awesome !!! :-)

John4leixo 2129 days ago

You this as the great face

QuackStudios 2129 days ago

Charlie Sheen a true HERO!!!

J3ssicaCart3r 2129 days ago

F3 seats, Looking forward to your company :)

HeatherBishop29 2130 days ago

love u!!!

madbaldscotsman 2130 days ago

You better check her age dude.

sunnyfaye 2130 days ago

seen you on the jimmy kimmel show
everyone seems to love you ........ especially jimmy lol