Kim Kardashian


All glammed up for a fun 1920's themed party!

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1449 days ago

All glammed up for a fun 1920's themed party!


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Lindisima , Lindisima WOMAN

IasminBrahim 1422 days ago


FMontoya79 1423 days ago

Wow beautiful !

HOTMAAM 1432 days ago

you look so gorgeous in that attire

Dianasosaxo 1435 days ago

ah! you look gorgeous!

kvaksinj 1437 days ago


StormyXMonroe 1439 days ago

Look beautiful as always

ddre_ 1442 days ago


Kamila_Kowalik 1443 days ago

Just a marvellous picture :O <3

Fridriksdottir 1444 days ago


_ManDownRihanna 1445 days ago

To beautiful <3

cadillacbutler 1445 days ago

You are a beautiful women!! Keep doin you!

PINK_JessieJ 1445 days ago

kim, if ive ever ha a girl crush its on u :P lol ignore all the assholes and listen to nice comments! you look BEAUTIFUL

WitchHazel6436 1446 days ago

Kim, you look gorgeous! I hope you block the rude people who have nothing nice to say.

karahendley 1447 days ago

The people who are saying negative comments are just jealous! Kim, your beautiful!! Love watching your show! Your fam is so hilarious!

MiaUluv 1447 days ago

the nerve that ur name has peace in it.
obviously they had vicious moronic sociopaths
like you. Creatures like u should be lobotomized
and sterilized. Petty pathetic
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Feisty_Geisty 1447 days ago

i didnt know there were sluts in the 20s!

MiaUluv 1447 days ago

absolutely beautiful, lol can u imagine how hideous inside and out those
writing hateful comments are. Pity them.

nikkirabena 1447 days ago

Jealous losers. Get a life!

louise22222 1447 days ago

*don't even have a talent! you're body is not nice either. jennifer lopez has the same kinda body as you but atleast hers has some tone, yours is just blubba, ergh! "i'm the most thoughtfull sister, i'm the nice one, i'm the .... shut up you cock!