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Purse Monkey at #Diggnation Live

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1600 days ago

Purse Monkey at #Diggnation Live


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helo_vato 1525 days ago

#pursemonkey lucky!

amandaluppif 1567 days ago

eu pego

ALICIA_ROS 1568 days ago

Demi lucky you!!

mssarabella 1571 days ago

Lovely monkey....ohh it's asthon there too! hahahahaha :)

22Nayla 1595 days ago

Whoa! Ashton has himself a very young Johnny Depp look on him doesn't he? I think it's the hat talkin

HRSocialStarr 1598 days ago

How cool is that!!

angelptwitme 1599 days ago

hes the better looking of the two,can see u and demi in his features.when he birthdate,he need his cake and icecream!!!,angelptwitme,i'm glad that your monkey is winning unlike charlie sheen at the moment,lol ,fan of themonky and u of course

UCHICCSRFUNNY 1599 days ago

chelby84 1600 days ago

...And Charlie Sheen thinks he has Adonis DNA??? There is no comparison - Mrs Kutcher you are the luckiest lady alive. x

ChloeRobyn 1600 days ago

could you be any hotter?!?!?!

daiiguardatti 1600 days ago


shellyforston 1600 days ago

Word of the day Purse Monkey!!!

soniagyn 1600 days ago


BestSpa4you 1600 days ago

Wow.. that purse monkey makes you look good.. lol.. great pic.

BestSpa4you 1600 days ago

Wow.. that purse money makes you look good.. lol.. great pic.

AnaCoral_M 1600 days ago

I think Purse Monkey is more famous than you and Ashton put together. LOL

jeffersonsmelo 1600 days ago

fez o filme efeito borboleta

ELHB 1600 days ago


BravoDirector 1600 days ago

Dance My Cheeky Purse Monkey

AdrieDaniel 1600 days ago

I wanna see you guys together ^^