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My bulldog Puddy just met his long lost twin on the streets of the East Village

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1479 days ago

My bulldog Puddy just met his long lost twin on the streets of the East Village


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GodfirstMcGandy 1085 days ago

lol, I guess it'll say welcome back bro? Hahaa

meljrob77 1478 days ago

aww,so cute, hoping to get 1 for my husband for his birthday, cant wait!!!

statement501 1479 days ago


kthrynburden 1479 days ago

Ha! that's insane. Same dog breeder perhaps? I think yes.

RTeigenJr 1479 days ago

awww, I didn't even know I had another nephew

YessPlz 1479 days ago

aww adorable :-)

blueberrypagan 1479 days ago


EvelynCleveland 1479 days ago

I wonder how these dogs felt meeting for the first time. This is a cute picture.

Lisadathon 1479 days ago

What do you think of miniature schnauzers?

VilmaPacheco 1479 days ago

Its so nice to see the sweetness of every day life when confronted with the constant opposite. Thank you!

valerie_smith 1479 days ago

Now thats cute..ahhh. Thanks for sharing!:)

Bassie227 1479 days ago

That's pretty cool

Joy_Al_Mundo 1479 days ago

Aww too cute! Having a twin is the one of the most awesome experiences in life(I have an identical twin sister)! :D

MRS_LEGEND1 1479 days ago

Aww!!!!! Great pic.:)

march9dew 1479 days ago

:)) twin :))

JennnSaidWhat 1479 days ago

Aww, & they both have their ears back! Cesar Milan would say that's a good sign! Adorbz!

Ina3121 1479 days ago

Awwww. . . . 2 cute

DrizzyDanii 1479 days ago

loool XD

Plowie_lady 1479 days ago

haha that's cute. They look exactly alike!

AlyzabethM 1479 days ago

Aw, now that is cute!