Jonathan Gold Thai Town strip mall favorite on Hollywood Blvd. open to 4am. Salads: Papaya or Duck Feet or Spicy Beef $6.95; Raw Shrimp or Crab $7.95. Soup: Salty Veggie w/ Pork Stomach, Pork Blood or Glassy Noodle $6.95; Coconut Chicken or Tom Ym Goong (hot pot) $7.95. Red, Yellow or Green Curry w/ Chick or Beef $6.95; Pa Nang $6.95. Noodles: BBQ Duck or Chow Mian $6.25; Beef Tendon or Kouy-Jub (pork offal & roast pork) $6.95; Pad Thai, Pad See Iew or Rahd Nah $7.95. Rice: Poast Duck, Chinese Sausage or BBQ Pork $6.95; Pineapple, Shrimp Paste or Crab Fried Rice $7.95. Ask for spicy & it will be so.